Partial Dentures

Smiling patient

Removable partial dentures are false teeth fabricated to look and function like natural teeth. They are made of synthetic materials such as acrylic and metal and molded and customized to your gums and bone.  A partial denture can replace one or more missing teeth.

Removable partial dentures are designed to replace several missing teeth when some natural teeth are still functional. The acrylic base contains attachments that hold the partial in place. They may be metal clasps or tooth-colored attachments that wrap around existing natural teeth for support.

Sometimes the partial denture can be attached to natural teeth with precision attachments which are often more esthetically pleasing. If crowns are needed to improve the fit of a removable partial denture, precision attachments may be recommended.

Dr. Trombetta will discuss these options with you when you choose to have a partial denture made for you. Partial removable dentures are designed to be removed daily for easy cleaning.

What to expect when preparing a partial removable denture?

You may need some restorative dental work prior to preparing for a partial denture. Once that is complete, Dr. Trombetta will take an impression or digital scan of your mouth which will be used to fabricate your new partial denture.

Artificial teeth are selected based on shade, size and surfaces that reproduce the smoothness and regularity of your natural teeth. Artificial teeth are made of acrylic resin and shape is chosen based on the patient's sex, facial structure, and build. The finished product is fitted and adjusted with the patient.

Once you receive your new partial denture, it will take some time to get used to it. You will receive complete instructions and guidance from Dr. Trombetta.

A partial denture can improve your self-confidence, diet, digestion, and oral hygiene. Contact Marana Dental Care in Marana, Arizona to schedule a consultation and learn about all your options to replace missing teeth. At Marana Dental Care you will always be treated with respect and receive the information you need to make informed choices about your care.


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