Cosmetic Crowns

What is a crown?

A crown (also called a "cap") is a restoration that completely covers a weak, damaged tooth to preserve the tooth's function and improve its appearance. Dr. Trombetta will retain as much tooth structure as possible because there is nothing stronger than the natural tooth. However, there are circumstances when a crown will be recommended - to extend the life of the tooth and to restore a healthy smile.

What is are cosmetic crowns?

Cosmetic crowns are used to correct and improve your dental aesthetic by improving the size, shape and appearance of the teeth. Crowns are customized for each tooth. Dental crowns are permanent.

When will a crown be recommended?

When the tooth is badly decayed, worn, broken, chipped, or internally discolored; to replace large fillings that have broken down; to fill in gaps between the teeth, and to provide a more uniform aesthetic appearance crowns will be recommended.

Cosmetic crowns are frequently recommended for people with misshapen or for small teeth and also to hide discolored teeth. You may need a set of cosmetic crowns to create a more pleasing smile during a smile makeover.

Cosmetic crowns may be recommended under many circumstances. A few include:

  • When multiple adjacent teeth require repair, all may be crowned for uniformity of appearance.
  • A cosmetic crown may be recommended to preserve tooth structure after a root canal because after a root canal the tooth becomes brittle.
  • A cosmetic crown may be recommended to cover a single tooth or several discolored teeth.
  • A cosmetic crown may also be preferred when the patient has teeth in the back of the mouth that are broken down and have not been filled with aesthetically pleasing materials and they wish to have uniformity of color and appearance on the back teeth.
  • A crown will be recommended when there is not enough tooth structure to support a large filling and when that filling would not be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Cosmetic crowns are usually part of full mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers.

What is a cosmetic crown made of?

For teeth in the aesthetic zone, meaning the teeth in the front of the mouth and those visible when you smile - a cosmetic crown is usually made of porcelain or a material called high- translucent Zirconia because it mimics the color, translucency and strength of your natural teeth.

For teeth in the back of the mouth, the materials that used may include porcelain over metal or Zirconia because these teeth come under great force while chewing and other kinds of restorations are not able to assure correct function.

What is the procedure to get a crown?

Once the decision to restore the smile or for a full mouth reconstruction is made, impressions of your mouth will be taken to see your bite and the size and spacing of the teeth.

Dr. Trombetta will numb the teeth to be prepared and prepare each tooth to create room for the new crown(s) by removing a part of the tooth enamel. Another impression is taken so the crowns can be sent to a dental lab for fabrication.

Dr. Trombetta creates temporary crowns which are placed on the prepared teeth while the new permanent crowns are fabricated. When the permanent crowns are received by Dr. Trombetta, you will return for an appointment where the crowns are fitted, seated and cemented onto the prepared teeth, your bite is adjusted, and you are the proud owner of a beautiful smile that should last a lifetime.

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