At Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is all the rage because white unstained, brilliant teeth make your smile shine. Before you purchase a tooth whitening kit for at home use, please contact Dr. Trombetta. Different over-the-counter teeth whitening kits offer different strengths of whitening gel. Most at home kits contain lower percentages of bleach than her at home bleaching kit.

How does at home bleaching work?

At home bleaching requires a mouthguard to hold the bleaching agent. Over the counter bleaching kits provide a mouthguard that is not customized to your mouth. You fill the mouthguard with the bleaching gel and the instructions will provide guidance on the amount of time you should wear the mouth guard.

Reasons to visit Dr. Trombetta before purchasing an over-the-counter bleaching kit.

  • It is important to know whether you have tooth decay or gum disease, because teeth whitening gel can cause tooth sensitivity and irritate gums. Dr. Trombetta can test your teeth before bleaching to help identify your pain and sensitivity levels.
  • The stronger the bleaching gel the more rapidly you will see an effect. When the gel is weaker it can safely stay on the teeth longer.
  • For best results, it is important to have your teeth cleaned professionally before using an at home kit.
  • You should brush and floss immediately before using an at home kit and refrain from eating and drinking for several hours after each treatment.
  • For best result, Dr. Trombetta will recommend the use of at home kits after a professional whitening to maintain the benefits.

What is involved with professional at home bleaching?

Dr. Trombetta offers an at home bleaching kit that involves the creation of a customized mouthguard which is specifically designed to protect the soft tissues and hold the gel closes to the teeth for the best effects. You fill the custom mouthguard with the bleaching gel. Dr. Trombetta will instruct you on how often to use it and for how long based on your needs and her professional opinion.

Why get an at home bleaching kit from Dr. Trombetta?

  • In her opinion Dr. Trombetta believes that the use of at home bleaching every few months will help you maintain bright white teeth after a professional whitening.
  • Professional at home bleaching kits contain higher percentages of bleaching gel.
  • A custom tray ensures that the bleaching agent is not diluted by your saliva; and it reduces the risk of irritation due to the bleaching agent getting on the gums.
  • Professional at home kits typically contain syringes of bleaching agent that are used to fill the tray immediately before use. Each syringe typically contains enough bleaching agent for a single application.
  • Dr. Trombetta can customize the strength of the bleaching agent based on your specific needs; and she can even add an agent to desensitize the teeth before or after use.
  • She will recommend the frequency of use based on each patient's needs.
  • If you still want an over-the-counter kit, she can provide guidance on what to know about teeth whiteners and the best over-the-counter kits.

That said, most over-the-counter bleaching kits are designed to avoid causing harm inorder to receive approval from the FDA for consumer use. So, you may not get the results you are seeking but at least the risk of harm is small.

Contact Dr. Trombetta at Marana Dental Care to schedule a consultation to learn more about professional and at home teeth whitening for a superior smile.