Virtual Smile Consults

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Our online consults haven’t stopped! We are working hard to make sure your dental needs don’t have to wait! Connect with us today and get all of your questions answered for free in three easy steps.

  1. Upload a smile photo or area of concern.
  2. We will create a personalized video with recommendations.
  3. View your video and schedule an appointment.

FAQs About Virtual Smile Consults

As our world experiences sudden changes with the COVID-19 pandemic, our patients are looking for additional treatment options and emergency care. Virtual consults can help our practice quickly, efficiently, and safely consult with patients during this crisis, while protecting the confidentiality of patient identification and records.

Virtual smile consults involve the use of electronic communications to enable your health care provider to review and share individual patient medical information to diagnose and treat dental issues, and provide follow-up care.

  • What is a Virtual Consult?

    A Virtual consult is a way to provide care for people without requiring a trip to the dental office.

  • How does Smile Virtual work?

    Upload a close-up smile selfie. This is also an opportunity to share any concerns or desires you have regarding your smile. Your dentist will send you a customized video addressing your questions and concerns. This video will also contain your unique, personalized recommendations.

  • What happens after the consultation?

    Once you’ve reviewed your recommendations, you can schedule an in-person visit with the dentist.

  • How do I set up a Virtual Smile Consult?

    Please click the link above to get started with your virtual consult!

If you have any questions please call us at 520-616-0790